A directory of our current students, their Fundamentals question, and their program advisor.

First name Last name Year Adviser Question
Austin Brown 4 Wray How do we belong?
Danna Elmasry 4 Lewis Why do bad things happen to good people?
Kelly Geddes 4 Bird Why is justice desireable?
Elisabeth Huh 4 Culp Can societies morally progress?
Gabriel Levine 4 Meredith Why should we read literature?
Jurrell Lewis 4 Wild Why do we read tragedy?
Hansong Li 4 Tarcov Is humanity destined for and capable of attaining universal consciousness?
Sophie Pangle 4 McCormick What are the roles of the arts and the laws in education?
Shoshana Schoenfeld 4 Robinson Why do we create our memories?
Ellen Tracy 4 Sternstein How do we express the ineffable?
Sophie Zhuang 4 Wray What is the relation between literary creativity and mortality?
Jack Calder 3 Sternstein How can we love in modernity?
Gabrielle Dulys 3 Sternstein What does it mean to be normal?
Isaac Easton 3 Robinson How do we prevent corruption without impeding progress?
Jay Erkilla 3 Most Is there such a thing as intellectual progress?
Maud Jansen 3 Meredith To what extent are human beings rational?
Ariella Katz 3 Redfield How does love help us understand politics?
Kyle Lee 3 Asmis How do we define success?
Gautama Mehta 3 McCormick How do we justify and how do we critique violence?
Morley  Musick 3 Pavel How do ethical thinkers understand, and seek to reform the body in relationship to morality?
Daniel Ortiz 3 Meredith What is beauty?
Malloy Owen 3 Tarcov What are the limits of autonomy?
Milena Pross 3 Fasolt What's surprising?
Emily Rodríguez 3 Meredith What is our relationship with our own mortality?
Sophia Sheng 3 Culp What is the boundary between destruction and maintenance of perceptions of reality?
Sophia Vojta 3 Otten What is embodiment?
Lucas Tse 3 Wray What is great learning?
Kim Vu 3 Meredith What makes comedy so sad?
Rachel Zucker 3 Rokem What is power?
Ariella Carmell 2 Sternstein Is the feminine ineffable?
Adam Chan 2 Tarcov Wherein lies the legitimacy of founding new orders?
Yan Li Chiang 2 Schweiker What is the relationship between guilt and pleasure?..
Austin Clyde 2 Most What does it mean to know thyself?
Mariam Elmalh 2 Sternstein Why is satire threatening to power?
Hannah Fields 2 Meredith Why do some people “give up” and others “keep going”?
Connor Fieweger 2 Norman Why do we laugh?
Lauren Futter 2 McCormick How does ideology form identity?
Tatiana Goderstad 2 Wild What is the function of solitude?
Christopher Good 2 Meredith What follows postmodernity?
Jake Greenspan 2 Asmis What is liberty?
Andrew Holt  2 Wray What is individual liberty and should it be desired?
Quinn Kane 2 Asmis Should I be selfish?
Emily Kramer 2 Rokem What is opinion?
Jasmin Liang 2 Sternstein What are the modern conditions of art and its relationship to human beings?
Andrew Longwell 2 Pavel Why are we afraid of aliens?
Max Miller 2 Bird To what extent could it be useful to study Logocentrism?
Catalina Parra 2 Culp Is art truth?
Khoa Phan 2 Schweiker What is confinement?
Livia Reiner 2 Bird Why do we need rituals like the theater?
Larkin Smith 2 Culp What is our ethical responsibility to the environment?
Emily Taylor 2 McCormick How does oppression shape humanity?
Alexandra Weiss 2 Lewis Can we consciously train for death?
Katherine Ziska 2 Otten How does fiction/story affect people and reality?