Application to the Program

Students should apply in Spring Quarter of their first year to enter the program in their second year; the goals and requirements of the program are best met if students spend three full years in the major.

We are now accepting applications for the 2018-19 academic year! The application process involves three steps:

  1. Download the application (Due April 26, 2019). This is a Word document that you should fill out digitally and print. Submit completed applications by email to
  2. Interviews. Upon receiving your application, the Coordinator will contact you to set up two short meetings with different faculty in Fundamentals. These interviews are meant to help us discover whether or not your interests and intellectual commitments would be best served by the Fundamentals program.
  3. Faculty admissions meeting. The faculty will convene in Week 7 of Spring quarter to determine your acceptance into the program, on the basis of your application statement, interviews, and previous academic performance. You will know the result of their decision in time for you to register for the appropriate courses in Week 8.

On late applications. Late applications can be considered, but only in exceptional circumstances. Contact the Coordinator ( if you want to apply after the deadline has passed.