Student Name Year of Graduation First Job(s) or School(s) Current Job or School
Clifford, Hilary 2014 Field Organizer on a Senate race (Hagan, NC) Also working as a contributing writer for a business writing and editing firm.
Mao, Joy 2014 Marketing Strategy and Design Intern at SimpleRelevance (technology start-up in Chicago) Junior Account Executive at Camp+King (creative advertising agency in San Francisco)
Shapiro, Gabe 2014 MSt. in Ancient Philosophy at Oxford. Ph.D. program in Philosophy at Princeton
Wong, Grace 2013 Development Associate at Court Theatre  
Bentsman, Michelle 2012 Arts Intern at BIMA in Brandeis Arts Fellow at Drisha Institute of Jewish Education
Fentress, Clare 2012 Editorial Assistant, Paris Review  
Fish, Lauren 2012 Art Institute, publications department  
Fung, Edwin 2012 Strategic analyst, Groupon  
Hegel, Allison 2012 Applying to Grad School in Comp Lit  
Marchi, Scott 2012 Research Assistant, Columbia University  
Migala, Matt 2012 Auditing classes at Sarah Marshall; Plans to apply to grad school  
Moore, Emma 2012 Outreach Director for the Albany office of NYPIRG, an environmental and public interest advocacy group  
O'Brien, Jessen 2012 Editorial assistant in Music Department at OUP  
Pina, David 2012 Pre-press coordinator at DC Comics  
Rozansky, Jeremy 2012 Assistant Editor, National Affairs  
White, Brendan 2012 Banking (public finance) Considering grad school in public policy or government work
Chandra, Tara 2011 Internships at DC think tanks Research Assistant, Carnegie Endowment; plans for grad school next
Chun, Cheyenne Noel 2011 Teaching Research Assistant, Business School
Martin, Jeremy 2011 Marketing Assistant and Director of Marketing Programs at Noribachi, an LED lighting manufacturer based in LA Law School
Peterson, Robin 2011 Math Tutor, Academy for Urban School Leadership  
Schlabach, James 2011 Marines Assault Amphibian Vehicle Officer, USMC Camp Pendleton
Camosy, Diana 2010 Law School at Wisconsin  
Goggans, Aaron 2010 Helping children with special needs Live-in volunteer at a Catholic Worker on the South Side
Hurwich, Talia 2010    
Roosien (nee Saperstein), Claire 2010 PhD student in NELC at the U of C  
Russell, Peter 2010 Design, Advertising Social Yield Manager at Kinetic Social
Tevzadze, Anne 2010 MSc in Higher Education Policy at Oxford  
Tolan, Rory 2010 Stockyard Magazine Staff Editor at The New York Times
Gaffney, Conor 2009 Digital Work for Political Campaigns including Rahm Emanuel for Mayor and Obama 2012 MPhil in Political Thougth & Intellectual History, Cambridge
Hasdan, Elliot 2009   Associate at Summit Rock Advisors, Wealth Management
Lynch, Mikayla 2009 Communications Director for Finance Chairman of the New York City Council  Associate Manager, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
Newman, Lila 2009 Improv  
Roberts, Aaron 2009 PhD in Political Science at Duke  
Smolin, Justin 2009 MA in Divinity at U of C  
Burgoyne, Nicole 2008 PhD in German at Harvard  
Burkhauser, Laura 2008 Teach For America, helping to craft and implement the organization's Massachusetts expansion strategy. Nonprofit strategy consultant with The Bridgespan Group, helping to shape strategy for two $1B+ foundations, and designing a leadership development program for nonprofit executive teams.
Nicol, Caitrin 2008 Managing editor of The New Atlantis  
Selinger, William 2008 PhD in Political Science at Harvard  
Tussing, James 2008 PhD in Political Science at Notre Dame  
Benson, Eric 2007 Staff writer for The Argentimes; Intern at Harper's Magazine; Assistant Editor at New York Magazine Freelance journalist
Clayman, Adam 2007 Business Intelligence Consultant Director of Humble Hippocrates, healthcare consultancy
Lee, Conrad 2007 University of Bielefeld PhD student in Computer Science, University College Dublin
Mayer, Veronica 2007 Corporate paralegal, English teacher in Madrid, MA in Modern European Studies at Columbia PhD in Spanish at Yale
Meckley, Eric 2007 PhD in English at University of North Carolina  
Nguyen, Hung 2007 PhD in Philosophy at Northwestern  
Rice-Davis, Charlie 2007 Taught French PhD student in French, Princeton
Bejan, Teresa 2006 PhD in Political Science at Yale Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto (as of 2013)
Bergdahl, Esther 2006 Various non-profits Medill School of Journalism
Ford Bartoszek (nee Ford), Fleming 2006 High-school teaching; Iowa College of Law Assistant State's Attorney for Kane County, IL
Grant, Joe 2006 Environmental non-profit PhD in Political Science at Northwestern
Hubbard, Danielle 2006 Research technician, California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute Project Coordinator, UCSF
Jenness, Katherine 2006 PhD in Comparative Human Development at the U of C  
Krontiris, Elizabeth 2006 MAPSS program at U of C PhD in Political Science at Yale
Morrison, Nicholas 2006 Recording engineer for jazz musicians in Chicago; MA in Contemporary Improvisation from New England Conservatory Professional Blues/African-inspired musician living in Berlin
Varnum, Benedict 2006 MDiv from the University of Chicago Assistant Rector of Episcopal Church in Overland Park, KS
Waisman, Sebastian 2006 Law School at Boston College  
Yovovich, Rada 2006 Consultant with Huron Consulting Group Manager, Athena Health; MBA in Healthcare Management at Wharton
LaValle, Dawn 2005 Masters in Early Christian Studies, Notre Dame; "Monastic Intern" at the Abbey of Regina Laudis (milking cows, taking care of bees, praying and stuff) Ph.D. student in Classics at Princeton; visiting student at Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Muraskin, David 2005 MSc at Oxford on Forced Migration, Law School at Stanford Lawyer
Roach, Anna 2005   Master's Degree in Children's Librarianship
Tamayo, Jennfer 2005 MFA in Creative Writing, LSU Managing Editor, Futurepoem
Heffernan, Megan 2004 PhD in English at the University of Chicago  
Kinney, Robert 2004 PhD in Theology at University of Bristol, MS in Communication at U of Illinois, Champaign Director of Ministries, Charles Simeon Trust; University Minister, Holy Trinity Church
Liss, Joseph 2004 Director of Screenplay Development, Muse Productions Entrepreneur and Media Concept Strategist
Loberg, Andrea 2004 Med School at Pritzker Doctor
Sherman, Scott 2004 Improv; Comedy Writer for "Important Things With Demetri Martin" Staff writer for Stephen Colbert
Steinberg, Bruce 2004 MFA, Design for Stage & Film, NYU Freelance Lighting Designer
Sullivan, Daniel 2004 Law School at the U of C Lawyer
Anderson, Stephanie 2003 Administration of Chicago Public Schools for one year through Chicago Public Interest Program; MFA in poetry at Columbia University; educational non-profit work PhD in English at the U of C; running a micropress; releasing a poetry book soon
Arbogast, John 2003 Law School, Div School Lawyer
Cox (nee Granucci), Melati 2003 High-school history teaching for two years; MPhil in Islamic History at Oxford; MA Museum Studies at University of Leicester Museum Education and Curation for various British universities
Guidero, Kirsten 2003 Editing business textbooks PhD student in Theology, Marquette University
Kessner, Lindsay 2003 MFA, Art Center College of Design Teaching Artist at Armory Center for the Arts
Munson, Samuel 2003 Editorial jobs with Lawrence Kudlow, Manhattan Institute, Commentary Magazine, The Daily Editor at Blouin Global News; Novelist (The November Criminals, Doubleday)
Myette, Leah 2003 Was in PhD program in Slavic at U of C for a couple of years  
Pile, Alex 2003 Theatre Management Assistant Manager, Digital Media at Clarence Smith Peforming Arts Center
Posadas, Jeremy 2003 MDiv, Union Theological Seminary; PhD, Emory University Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Austin College
Barry, Patrick 2002 Soccer player for Banks O'Dee and then Rochester Rhinos; University of Michigan, PhD in English Law school
Gannon Robledo, Anthony 2002 apprentice at a post-production facility learning the craft of editing (i.e., film/video and audio); teaching digital storytelling with non-profit organizations such as the Tribeca Film Institute and Pearson Editing documentary films and radio programmes, narrative films and commercials
Gaylord, Andrew 2002 MA in Theology High School Teacher
Glaza, Brad 2002 MA in Classics at St. Johns College, Anapolis; Law School at Ave Maria School of Law Law Clerk at US Court of Appeals
Minerva, Christine 2002 Educator for Adler Planetarium from 2002-2008; grant writer at Shedd Aquarium from 2008-2011 Full-time mother and freelance editor
Shneiderman, Anna 2002 MA, Teaching English in Secondary Schools Performing Arts Teacher, Co-founder of Ragged Wing Ensemble
Weisberg, Jonathan 2002 Law School, UCLA Lawyer
Yountchi, Lisa 2002 PhD in Slavic Languages and Literature at Northwestern Visiting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania
Priester, Ryan 2001 Div school for MA in Philosophy of religion Associate Director of the Woodlawn Public Safety Alliance
Rebek, Arash 2001 Law School at U of C; lawyer Vice President, Magnitude Capital
Schultz, David 2001 MFA in Dramaturgy at Columbia in NYC Dramaturg, theatre teacher, IT support
Bourgeois, Pierre 2000 Worked at a motel in San Francisco Thinking about Grad School in Religious Studies
Hendrix, Wes 2000   Lawyer
Kennedy, Todd 2000 Seminary and Theology PhD Rapporteur at Columbia University Seminar on Study of Hebrew Bible
Maskell, Caleb 2000 MDiv at Yale PhD in Religion at Princeton
Ortiz, Jared 2000 MA in Liberal Arts from St. John's College, Anapolis; PhD in Patristics from Catholic University of America Assistant Professor of Religion, Hope College
Some notable alumni from before 2000      
Ivri, Allon 1999 Director of Research, Marvin Zonis & Associates; Manager, Diamond Consultants; Director, UBS Vice President, Goldman Sachs
Callard, Agnes 1997 PhD in Philosophy at Berkeley Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago
Bird, David 1997 Law School at U of C Lawyer at Reed Smith in Pittsburgh, involved in preparing Amicus briefs for Supreme Court cases
Wolfson, Boris 1997 PhD in Slavic Languages & Literature at Berkeley Assistant Professor of Russian at Amherst College
Schalet, Benjamin 1995 PhD in Clinical Psychology, Northwestern Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine
Weinberger, Seth 1993 PhD in Political Science at Duke Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Puget Sound
Eisler, Garret 1992 MFA in Theatre Directing, Boston University; MA in English, NYU, PhD in Theatre, CUNY Freelance drama critic for TimeOut NYC, Village Voice, Huffington Post; Adjunct professor at NYU
Ellenbogen, Kirsten 1991 Museum Management President, Great Lakes Science Center
Godley, Amanda 1991 PhD in Language, Literacy and Culture at Berkeley Associate Professor of Education at the University of Pittsburgh
Hesser, Jeff 1991 MFA in Figurative Studies at New York Academy of Art; MFA in Sculpture at SUNY Buffalo Figure sculptor; Faculty of Rhode Island School of Design
Stephens, Brett 1988?   Columnist for the Wall Street Journal, winner of Pulitzer prize for commentary
Biemer, Dan 1987 Legal Technology Singer-songwriter, Captain Ambivalent
Jeffreys, Derek 1987   Associate Professor of Humanistic Studies and Religion, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
Nadon, Christopher 1985 PhD in Social Thought, University of Chicago Associate Professor of Government, Claremont McKenna College