A directory of our current students.

First name Last name Year Question
Jack Calder 4 How can we love in modernity?
Gabrielle Dulys 4 What does it mean to be normal?
Isaac Easton 4 How do we prevent corruption without impeding progress?
Jay Erkilla 4 Is there such a thing as intellectual progress?
Maud Jansen 4 To what extent are human beings rational?
Ariella Katz 4 How does love help us understand politics?
Gautama Mehta 4 How do we justify and how do we critique violence?
Morley  Musick 4 How do ethical thinkers understand, and seek to reform the body in relationship to morality?
Daniel Ortiz 4 What is beauty?
Malloy Owen 4 What are the limits of autonomy?
Milena Pross 4 What's surprising?
Emily Rodríguez 4 What is our relationship with our own mortality?
Sophia Sheng 4 What is the boundary between destruction and maintenance of perceptions of reality?
Sophia Vojta 4 What is embodiment?
Lucas Tse 4 What is great learning?
Kim Vu 4 What makes comedy so sad?
Rachel Zucker 4 What is power?
Ariella Carmell 3 Is the feminine ineffable?
Adam Chan 3 Wherein lies the legitimacy of founding new orders?
Yan Li Chiang 3 What is the relationship between guilt and pleasure?..
Mariam Elmalh 3 Why is satire threatening to power?
Connor Fieweger 3 Why do we laugh?
Tatiana Goderstad 3 What is the function of solitude?
Christopher Good 3 What follows postmodernity?
Jake Greenspan 3 What is liberty?
Lucy Johnson 3 What are the circumstances for (meaningful) conversation, and what is its function?
Katherine Kamel 3 How does belief underlie action?
Emily Kramer 3 What is opinion?
Jasmin Liang 3 What are the modern conditions of art and its relationship to human beings?
Andrew Longwell 3 Why are we afraid of aliens?
Julia Mearsheimer 3 What is creation?
Max Miller 3 To what extent could it be useful to study Logocentrism?
Catalina Parra 3 Is art truth?
Khoa Phan 3 What is confinement?
Livia Reiner 3 Why do we need rituals like the theater?
Scott Singer 3 What are the ethical implications of the words we use?
Larkin Smith 3 What is our ethical responsibility to the environment?
Hillel Steinmetz 3 Do differences in languages influence religion?
Emily Taylor 3 How does oppression shape the self?
Alexandra Weiss 3 Can we consciously train for death?
Katherine Ziska 3 How does fiction/story affect people and reality?
Badia Emma 2 How can we reconcile the tension between living and thinking? 
Badio Stanley 2 How do experiences, especially painful ones, lead to moral improvement?
Beit Michael 2 What do we owe each other?
Bolter Nathaniel 2 Does human society need irony?
Bulkley-Krane Conor 2 How does death inform a good life?
Chen Yufan 2 What creates the self?
Hannah Fields 2 Why Do Some People “Give Up” and Others “Keep Going”?
Frank Amelia 2 What is authenticity?
Geiger Sam 2 Is inequality bad?
Grant-Funck Ian 2 Are there extra-sensory modes of perception?
Hough Sarah 2 How can we find meaning in spite of suffering?
Joachim Seth 2 How do optimism and pessimism affect the human condition and the human psyche?
Lidbury Samantha 2 Is it just to force liberty?
Maguire Liam 2 How does one live with the prospect of mortality?
McDonald Ann 2 What's the moral value of truth?
Stebbins Christina 2 Should we obey authority?
Stein Julius 2 What does it mean to be conscious?
Tannenbaum Isaac 2 How can architecture and the built environment advance a moral, political, or social agenda?
Turner Alafair 2 What is the self?
Umanskiy Leah 2 What is justice?
Upadhye Radhika 2 What determines our ability to adapt?
Weinstein Raina 2 Is there a universal political reason?
Wilder Timothy 2 How do we attempt to free the soul from the limits of the body?
Wiley Clémentine 2 What does it mean to "be yourself"?