A directory of our current students.

First name Last name Year Question
Ariella Carmell 4 What does it mean to be inhuman?
Adam Chan 4 What is the legitimacy of new regimes?
Mariam Elmalh 4 Why is satire threatening to power?
Jay Erkilla 4 Is there such a thing as intellectual progress?
Tatiana Goderstad 4 What is the function of solitude?
Christopher Good 4 What follows postmodernity?
Jake Greenspan 4 What is liberty? 
Lucy Johnson 4 What is political authority, and how does it differ from power, force, or reason?
Katherine Kamel 4 How does belief underlie action?
Andrew Longwell 4 What are the affects of not belonging?
Julia Mearsheimer 4 What is creation?
Gautama Mehta 4 How do we justify and how do we critique violence?
Max Miller 4 What is utopia?
Catalina Parra 4 Is art truth?
Livia Reiner 4 Why do we need rituals like the theater?
Sophia Sheng 4 What is the political reality of memory?
Scott Singer 4 What is communication, and how do communication strategies (esp. rhetoric) change over time and across various languages and cultures?
Larkin Smith 4 What is an ethical principle?
Kim Vu 4 What lies at the intersection of tragedy and comedy?
Alexandra Weiss 4 Can we prepare for death? If so, how?
Katherine Ziska 4 How should we create (and should there be) a hierarchy among the pursuit of knowledge and living the Good Life?
Stanley Badio 3 How do experiences, especially painful ones, lead to moral improvement?
Michael Beit 3 What do we owe each other?
Conor Bulkley-Krane 3 How does death inform a good life?
Yufan Chen 3 What creates the self?
Sarah Hough 3 How can we find meaning in spite of suffering?
Seth Joachim 3 How do optimism and pessimism affect the human condition and the human psyche?
Liam Maguire 3 How does one live with the prospect of mortality?
Christina Stebbins 3 Should we obey authority?
Julius Stein 3 What does it mean to be conscious?
Leah Umanskiy 3 What is justice?
Radhika Upadhye 3 What determines our ability to adapt?
Raina Weinstein 3 Is there a universal political reason?
Clémentine Wiley 3 What does it mean to "be yourself"?
Nathaniel Bolter 2 Does human society need irony?
Evelyn Burd 2 How does Sexuality Play into the Overlap between Platonic and Romantic Love?
Eric Chen 2 How does the erotic inhabit pedagogy?
Hannah Fields 2 Why do some people “give up” and others “keep going”?
Charlotte Greenberg 2 Why is there a human tendency to search for order?
Daniel Gutkind 2 What is the relation between our obligations and our freedoms?
Thomas Hagan 2 To what degree can we create our own identity?
Lynn Horowitz 2 What is the role of the individual in radical, political change?
Tianhao Hou 2 What are the conditions of capitalism and how can we transcend them?
Sofiy Inck 2 What does it mean to be a woman?
Teis Jayaswal 2 Does human reason advance or impede happiness?
Elliot Kahn 2 Why are we drawn to simulation?
Veronica Karlin 2 How do we come to know ourselves through our interactions with others?
Beamlak Lefebo 2 What is faith?
Zachary Lindenbaum 2 What are the cracks in modernity?
Jose Lizarzaburu 2 How are the universal and particular portrayed in literature?
Gideon McCarty 2 Does art matter?
Kirill Shyshkin 2 Does modernity beget indifference?
Camrick Solorio 2 What is the supernatural?
Anna Stoneman 2 To what extent are we obliged to pursue the limit of our understanding?
Jack Vogel 2 How one determines enjoyment over entertainment?
Yifan (Susie) Xu 2 Why do we feel loneliness?
Timothy Wilder 2 How do we attempt to free the soul from the limits of the body?
Perri Wilson 2 How do we define the value of nature?
Eli Zerkle 2 What is the best way to change society?
Katie Zhou 2 Why and how do we use words to define ourselves and the world around us?